"Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, or kill any creature or living being." - Mahabharata

"गोरक्षा: धर्मस्य रक्षणं, संपद्यन्ति संकेतनं।"

Gaushala Management

In India, the bovine population stands at a staggering 19 crores, with approximately 25% (4.7 crores) being male. These male cattle, along with aged and unproductive indigenous cows, often find themselves devoid of purpose and care. At Ashryaheen Govansh Abhyudaya, we strive to bridge this gap by offering these animals the care and sanctuary they deserve within Gaushalas.

Reasons for Neglected Cattle:
The unfortunate reality of neglected cattle stems from various reasons, including the scarcity of fodder leading to malnutrition and cruelty. Urban geographic conditions often expose these animals to accidents and abandonment, leaving them susceptible to shock, immobility, and extreme climatic conditions. Attacks by other species and illnesses further compound their vulnerability.

Our commitment extends beyond mere sheltering. We aim to tackle these underlying issues, providing not just a sanctuary but also a holistic approach to their well-being. Through dedicated care, access to adequate nutrition, and creating a safe haven from these adversities, we endeavor to restore dignity and comfort to these neglected beings.

Ashryaheen Govansh Abhyudaya is a beacon of hope for these gentle souls, ensuring they receive the compassion and care they rightfully deserve.

Cow Protection: Sustaining Tradition and Agriculture Upholding the sacred status of cows is a core value of Chaturdik Abhyuday Vichar Samiti. This commitment goes beyond religious reverence; it extends to ensuring the welfare of cows and promoting sustainable agriculture and organic farming. By respecting and protecting cows, we contribute to the preservation of traditional livelihoods and promote a holistic approach to agriculture that is in harmony with nature. Our efforts aim to create awareness about the crucial role cows play in sustainable agriculture, fostering a balanced and symbiotic relationship between communities and their environment.

"The cow is a symbol of the divine generosity." - Yajur Veda

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